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Review: Crafty Owls Pottery

Mumbler content writer Louise visited Crafty Owls in Ossett with her daughter.

Here’s how they got on:

crafty owlsWith the exception of a pottery class on a hen do some years ago, I’d not set foot in an art studio for many years.

Painting on the other hand is a regular occurrence in our house but my daughter’s headstrong attitude to do everything herself (to be expected but equally frustrating) often leads to a tense morning and that’s before I even think about the mess!

So the idea of sipping a hot barista coffee whilst my first-born paints in harmony was a chance to be taken.

The studio 

Craft Owls is a family run business and owner Julian made us feel very welcome. I picked a quiet time – Wednesday lunch time – and we had the studio virtually to ourselves.

The studio is colourful and cosy with an array of creations on every wall.

To the far side of the studio stacking shelves provide an opportunity to purchase pots for painting.

My daughter’s love of unicorns motivated her choice but there were plenty of other animal creatures to choose from.

There are also some tiles mugs and bowls for the more creative.

All the items are individually priced in size order from around a few pounds for the smallest.

It’s a good idea to have a budget in mind before unleashing your little ones to the pots as some of them are on the pricey side with money boxes from £20.

Tables were well organised with small pots of paint in a variety of pastel colours and brushes. Children’s aprons were are also available.

The studio also has highchairs and baby changing.

My daughter took straight to task and enjoyed pouring the paint out as much, if not more so than painting her unicorn.

Pottery painting is great for kids, easier to master, and require less of a time commitment than their squishier counterparts.

Plus, it has been found to assist child development, helping children to develop fine motor skills, problem-solving skills, imagination, initiative, and curiosity (among other benefits). 

All of which makes pottery classes a good idea for many kids. 

They also provide a more family-friendly experience if you’re just looking for an afternoon of family time or an activity to beat the winter blues.

The Verdict

It’s great to have a messy and creative afternoon out and not have to worry about gathering all of the supplies and then wiping paint off the table or the floor!

It’s on the pricey side as for us it only filled around 40 minutes but next time I’d take some friends and have a coffee and cake, to make it last a bit longer.

Julian says they are also looking to reintroduce their pre-school classes which involve a story and painting on theme, which would be a great idea.

They are also running a variety of classes during the  holidays.

Crafty Owls, Ossett, Wakefield, WF5 8NS

Mondays;  10 12pm & 1-3pm Art Classes only

Tuesday- Friday  9.30am -2.45pm & 3.30pm – 5pm

Saturday:  10am – 5pm

Sunday:  11am – 4pm (advance bookings only)

*Mumbler was not paid for this review. All of the comments in this review are our open and honest opinion. Details correct at time of publishing; June 2019.

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· Fireworks in a Jar

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· Fireworks Rings

Gather some tinsel pipe cleaners and cut them in half. Gather five halves, fold them in half again, wrap around your child’s finger to make a ring shape then use the sixth half to secure the circle. Bend the ends to look like a bursting firework, making sure the ends don’t poke into the child’s finger.

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The Potters Den

The Potters Den is a wonderful ceramics studio to visit as a family, there is even a coffee bar, making your visit all the more worthwhile! You can even paint alfresco in the summer, soaking in some rays whilst painting your latest masterpiece.

9 Norridge Bottom
West Yorkshire

Tel: 07984 996 479