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GO Learn & Develop

GOLD – Guaranteed Outstanding Learn and Develop Tutors are all outstanding rated, qualified teachers who are proud to be leading the way in individual and small group tuition. They are the people who parents desperately want to be their child’s teacher – kind, knowledgeable and gifted educators.

All GOLD’s tutors currently work in schools alongside their tutoring work, meaning they are up to date with the very best practice, and many are specialists in inclusion, interventions and special needs.

Our workspaces are beautiful and inviting; cosy coves that evolve to suit the needs of our learners. If children want to do their maths in a tepee that is fine by us. Prefer learning outdoors? We can do that.

At GOLD we know that, all too often, it is the anxiety surrounding learning which prevents children from attaining rather than a lack of ability.  By creating the right environment, both physical and emotional, we see children relaxed and ready to learn.

If you are looking for some extra academic support for your child, and would like a chat with one of our outstanding teachers, please email info@guaranteedoutstanding.co.uk or call 0800 689 4974.